Why do too many chicks on datingsites have attitude problems?

I really can’t say I’m surprised why many popular members (mostly girls) on datingsites are very cranky. Let’s put it this way: maybe if you were to step into their shoes and do what they do for a living you’d get cranky too. In fact, it would be a minor miracle if you just stop at being cranky. Cranky is actually a good thing because in the situation they are in it would be completely forgivable for them to act like complete and total bitches.

The reason has nothing to do with them or with a sexdating site like adultdate.org. The reason for the most part has nothing with the inherent personality or the natural mindset of the women doing this kind of thing. The problem lies primarily with other members mostly. You have to remember that when guys seefemale members on datingsites it’s always a race to the bottom. I am of course talking about bottom behavior like least common denominator.

When you put a lot of otherwise decent guys who are fathers, members of society and productive people in general, you put them in a room and there’s all these chicks with sexy pics of themselves putting on a real show on their profile or with their messages, it’s easy for these dudes who are otherwise calm, cool and collected to just go back to high school in terms of attitude. They heckle. They put up all sorts of antics and they essentially conduct themselves in such a way that a hostile work environment is created. This is why a lot chicks on datingsites have bad attitudes.

If you detect this you can do something about it. You can just tell everybody else to calm the fuck down and just enjoy the show. If you’re that lone voice of reason, not only will this chick take note of you but you can also actually improve everybody else’s experience.


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